Our family, located in western NY, has enjoyed providing healthy, happy, beautiful Golden doodle and Irish doodle puppies to forever homes across the U.S. for several years now.  Bringing home the perfect new addition is a big and very exciting decision!  We have dedicated a great deal of time and energy to helping families obtain the perfect pet for their families.  EVERY PUPPY IS BORN AND RAISED IN OUR LIVING ROOM and receives lots of socialization right from birth :) We ARE NOT a puppy mill, but a family that has a passion for doodles.  We are, however, a licensed facility inspected yearly by the state and bi~annually by our local vet as a quality breeder. (lic.# 937)  Each of our dogs has been raised in our home as a family pet and then introduced to our family of dogs and invisible pet fence system. Our girls take turns residing right in our home as well as the kennel facility and play yard and our boys live on the invisible pet fence and have shelter in a comfortable building.  Please enjoy our site and contact us with any questions that you may have.