About Us

"Toodles" 2005 
         "Toodles" Goldendoodles?
     I am sure that many that discover our site wonder a bit about our name.  Yes, it rhymes and a nice ring to it :)  But the reason that we named our breeding program "Toodles Goldendoodles" was actually in honor of our very first goldendoodle, Toodles.  Our oldest daughter, 3 years old at the time, was in love at first sight and they were the best of buddies. She kept hearing us say the word doodle as we were contemplating names and began calling her "Toodles".  It sounded a bit silly to us-and oh so endearing-and, needless to say, it stuck.  She was the first much loved goldendoodle here on our farm and has never been forgotten.  Our Suzie was a daughter of hers and now we carry on her lines one last time with our beautiful Belle.
 Now that I have told you a bit about the history of our name, let me tell you about ourselves and our passion for doodles...I (Michelle) grew up in a family that always had a dog. I was an animal lover from the beginning. My family began to raise dogs when I entered my teenage years.  From that time until I left home, we raised German Short-haired pointers and then chocolate labs.  I always enjoyed the dogs, but developed allergies and preferred a lower energy dog than the pointer~for a family dog, that is :)  When I began my own venture, I completely fell in love with the doodle~first for their lack of shedding and allergy friendly properties and then just because they are the absolute BEST dogs EVER.  I couldn't believe how intelligent, easy to train, affectionate and beautiful they proved to be. I have become a die hard doodle lover forever!
Our family works together here on our farm and in our breeding program.  Our children (toddler to teenager) are very involved in the socialization of the puppies!  While we have a larger breeding program compared to some we don't lose the personal touch with our dogs, puppies and new owners :) Our many children make us able to have a larger breeding program at this point. Many hands to socialize and love on the parents and babies :) ALL puppies are born in our home and spend most of the first 6 weeks right in our living room.  I know that may be hard to believe when we have multiple litters at times, but it is absolutely true~and oh so fun! We aim only to send our babies to homes fit for them and to find the best fit for each prospective forever family. We look forward to helping you find the perfect future companion! We commit to be available for the entire lifetime of your puppy for any questions or concerns you may have over the years.

"Suzie"~Toodles daughter
(F1b generation)

"Toodles"~our original goldendoodle
(F1 generation)
"Belle"~Suzie's daughter
Multi-gnerational with F1 type coat

"Belle"~12 weeks old after her first grooming :)

We have a large family with several young children.  Our children play a HUGE role in helping us provide wonderfully socialized, well adjusted puppies.  Our vet has told me that she has never seen such well socialized puppies!