Upcoming litters

Please see our "IRISH DOODLES" tab for information on available or upcoming Irish doodle puppies!!
*For those wondering, we always reserve one or two of the top places on a list for breeder pick.  We do not always keep one but reserve the right to...The breeder reserve puppy is always pending and could mean that we may keep one in our program or may place one with another reputable breeder friend~or may not hold one back at all. Also, though we do more litters than some breeders, we still are sure to keep things personal and awesome for our moms and babies.  All puppies ARE born in the living room and are in our house most of the time from birth to 6 weeks of age. There is often a cuteness overload in here! We have a large family and lots of hands to birth, care for and socialize puppies and parents :)
Below you will find the planned litters for 2020 up until late summer...We are also planning for a few mini, medium and standard litters for fall and winter. Until the puppies arrive, families are not placed on a certain list. Once the puppies arrive, we will place families on a compatible list after consulting with each family :) 

Medium Multi~Generational Goldendoodles
expected mid-August and ready for forever homes mid-October
Apricot to red puppies expected-some white markings 35-50 lbs

F1b Goldendoodle~BORN HERE!!
Health tested~54 lbs
Gentle. sweet girl
Multi~generational Goldendoodle
Health tested ~28 lbs
Perfect temperament


English Miniature F1b Goldendoodle puppies expected late August and ready for forever home late October
Dark apricot to reddish puppies~25-40 lbs

AKC Miniature poodle
Health tested~8 lbs
Sweet, handsome fellow
English F1 Goldendoodle
Born here!!
Clear by parentage

Mini F1 Goldendoodles expected early September and ready for forever homes early November 
Dark apricot to red puppies expected~25-45 lbs

Miniature poodle
Health tested~10 lbs
Friendly, outgoing boy

AKC Golden Retriever
Health tested~58 lbs
Sweet, affectionate girl

Standard English Multi~gen (F1b type) Goldendoodles expected early September and ready early to mid November
Apricot, chocolate and black solid, abstract and parti puppies expected-45-65 lbs
Sire~Moose (Brown/white tuxedo)
English Multi~gen goldendoodle
Health tested~62 lbs
Gentle, affectionate boy

AKC standard poodle
Health tested~40 lbs


Multi~Generational Miniature Irish Goldendoodles expected late September and ready for forever homes late November
Apricot to red puppies expected~25-35 lbs

F1b Goldendoodle
F1b Irish doodle

Multi~Generational Goldendoodles expected early October and ready for forever homes early December
Chocolate, chocolate merle, black, blue merle and possibly apricot puppies expected
Multi~Generational Goldendoodle~26 lbs
Sweet, social boy
Outstanding, health tested lines~GANA

F1b Goldendoodle~58 lbs
Sweet, gentle, affectionate girl~BORN HERE
Health tested Clear 

We are also planning for fall/winter 2020:
~Standard chocolate and chocolate merle solids, abstract and partis

~ 2 Petite F1b litters...cream, apricot to reddish solids and abstracts
~Mini F1's...apricot 
~Mini F1's~Phantom, possibly merle, blacks and apricots
~Mini multi-gens red and white and apricot and white
~Mini/Medium multi~gen chocolates, apricots and merles


Wait list for spring/summer 2020 through summer 2021
* Names with * are wanting miniature goldendoodle puppies :) 
 Goldendoodle puppies:
This list is only for litters that are not yet born...Resevation list for puppies that have arrived are on the Puppies Available for Reservation Tab
Breeder picks will always come first...
1. Barbara~20-40 lb female preference
 2. Catherine~Medium to standard (Good for allergies..male preference)
3. Kelsey~Standard Goldendoodle (Brown merle preferred...fall/winter 2020)
4. Ilyse~20-30 lb male preference (Most likely 2021)
5. Brittany F.~Medium/Small standard (2021)
*6. Emily~20-35 lb male (Fall/winter 2020)
*7. Angie~30-35 lbs (female preference~dark red, chocolate, multi-color or merle FALL/WINTER)
8. Tiffany~Black F1b female
*9. Ashley H.~15-30 lbs (male preference)
*10. John~Male mini/medium/small standard (Low shed, loose coat)
*11. Lauren Bruce~25-40 lb Male
12. Bob B~Wavy Female (Brown, tan, caramel, apricot SPRING 2021)
13. Lizzy~20-40  lb multi~gen or similar (Female~prefer apricot/caramel color)
*14. Jane~25-45 lb wavy apricot to red (Female preferred~Nov/Dec)
*15. Pauline~F2b type 25-30 lb mini male
*16. Debra~20 lb or so mini-(Female preferred)
*17. Corey~20-40 lb Female mini
*18.  Diane~20-25 lb mini (Female preferred)
*19. Michelle~F1b (type) under 40 lbs 
20. Karen~Medium to standard (Male preference)
*21. Effie~20-30 lb F1b (type) Female
22. Adele~Medium to standard F1
*23. Cheryl N~F1b (type) less then 35 lbs
24. Rebecca~Medium to standard F1 or F1b (Cream to reddish)
25. Lauren Barbara~F1 Medium to standard (OR IRISHDOODLE)
*26. Lindsey~Mini F1b or multigen (Up to 40 lbs)
*27. Carissa~Mini F1b Male (or F1b type)
*28.  Bridget~Petite mini F1 or F1b Male (15-30 lbs)
*29. Jessica~Small mini Female
*30. Brendan~F1, F1b or multigen 20-50 lbs
*31. Nella~Mini F1b or later
*32. Julianne~30-55 lb F1, F1b or multigen (Female preference)
33. Rita~40-60 lb F1b, F2b or multigen Female
34. Christina~F1b 35-50 lbs (OR IRISH)
35. Stephanie~Petite
36. Cheryl~Mini to medium F1 Male
37. Sarah~15-40 lb (Female preference)
38. Margaret~Petite Male
39. Greg~Medium Male (Prefer apricot or parti)
40. Randy~F1b or hypo-allergenic 25-45 lbs
41. Connor and Megan~F1 or wavy 35-45 lbs (Prefer Female...OR GOLDENDOODLE)

Irish doodle wait list is on our Irish doodle page

 WE HAVE BEGUN TAKING DEPOSITS for spring/summer 2020 and fall and winter 2020 as well. WE WILL TAKE DEPOSITS AHEAD THIS YEAR AND PLAN OUR LITTERS ACCORDINGLY. Please contact us is you are wanting a goldendoodle or Irish doodle in 2020 or even 2021.  We can tell you what should be coming and get you on a list!    

Please call 315-524-9724 or email: toodlesdoodles.amsler@gmail.com for further information or to request an application