Meet the Parents

Note: This page is outdated.  There are always pictures and descriptions of each parent when we post each litter.  The dogs below were some of our foundation parents and we have some of their offspring in our program :) 


 This is Gunnar.  He is our 62lb. CKC registered cream  F1 Golden doodle and the current father to most of our golden doodles. He is fully health tested and has a Penn Hip rating of good.  He is a gentle sweetheart and very affectionate.  He has a soft, fluffy traditional "teddy bear" coat.

"Amsler's Blaze of Glory"
AKC registered red and white standard poodle
Health tested lines
Absolute sweetheart and gorgeous!!!

 This is BLAZE.  He is a very special boy.  He is our parti~factored AKC registered standard poodle boy.  He is a calm gentleman and is excellent with children.  The first time we let him free in our living room as a puppy, our baby son was on a blanket on the floor.  Blaze went bounding in~as dogs generally do~ and then got down on his belly and crawled up to the baby, placing his head on his shoulder.  I wish I had capturted the moment with a camera :) He produces strikingly beautiful puppies with sweet, balanced personalities~just the right combination of gentleness and fun :) 
*Note~He is a lighter color now that he is a few years old.  He is more of a medium apricot color.   


  This is Ginger.  She is our 58 lb. AKC registered apricot poodle. She has a soft chenille-like coat. She is an amazing dog.  She is smart, gentle and the very best pet we have ever owned. Her puppies are nearly guaranteed to be easy to train and have great temperaments.

"Rosetta" 10 months old
full coat
This is Rosetta.
She is our stunning AKC red poodle girl.  She an amazing bundle of fun and affection.  She is very close with her people and endears herself to all once she gets to know them personally.  To look into her eyes is to peer into her heart.  She has a tight, curly red coat with a few patches of white.  She weighs around 45 lbs.

Rosetta~2 years old

This is Claret.  She is also an AKC dark red standard poodle.  She is a sweet, gentle girl that is very eager to please.  She is the only red poodle I have met that has retained her very dark coloring.  She weighs around 48 lbs .

This is TANSY.  She is our F1 English Goldendoodle from champion, health tested lines.  She is an absolute doll~so full of fun and mischief, but always ready to please.  Everybody is her friend :)  She weighs around 60 lbs. 

This is Bianca.  She is an English retriever from imported grand champion/multi~champion lines.  She is as sweet and gentle as she is beautiful.  Her puppies have excellent temperaments to be certified therapy dogs and outstanding pets. She weighs around 60 lbs.

A few of our breeding dogs are due to retire in the near future. We have several younger dogs that we hope to add to our program in the next year or so.  Keep an eye on our site for up and coming new parents :)