Guardian Program

Guardian Program

We have decided to begin a guardian program with some of our parents.  If you live within one and a half hours of Walworth, NY and might be interested, please call 315-524-9724 for further details.

You will find a copy of our guardian contract below.  It expains what guardianship entails:

Toodles Goldendoodles
Guardian Home Contract

The contract below is for the following dog:
  • Gender:
  • Date of Birth:
  • Microchip Number:
  • AKC Registration Number:
  • Mother:
  • Father:
  • Generation/Breed:
  • Dog's Name:

The term Breeder within this document will be used when referring to:
  • Chad and Michelle Amsler, owner's of Toodles Goldendoodles

The term Guardian within this document will be used when referring to:

Ownership and all rights in interest to this dog shall remain with the Breeder until such times as Breeder shall transfer ownership of the dog to Guardian. Likewise, any puppies born as a result of breeding said dog shall be the sole and separate property of Breeder and Guardian shall have no ownership interest of possession rights to any such puppies or financial compensation they bring.

Upon the execution of this agreement, Breeder shall transfer possession of the dog to Guardian. Guardian shall retain possession of the dog and provide physical care to and supervision of the dog subject to the terms and conditions of this agreement.

During the time that the dog remains in the possession of the guardian, and during the term of this agreement, breeder shall:
  • Provide guardian with instructions concerning dietary guidelines for the dog, and instructions regarding preventive health care.   
  • Provide information to guardian to allow guardian to recognize when the female reaches pro-estrus (when she is in heat).
  • Provide approximate dates when a female dog will reach pro-estrus, or when a male dog's services will be required for breeding.
  • When time for breeding, take possession of the dog, for approximately 2 weeks, from guardian until the process is completed, at which time the dog will be returned to the possession of guardian. It is the guardian’s responsibility to transport the dog to and from the breeder as needed.
  • When time for whelping (delivery) the breeder will take possession of the female dog from guardian approximately 1 - 2 weeks prior to whelping date and provide care and supervision of the female dog until completion of weaning from the puppies born to the dog. The dog will be at the breeder’s for approximately 2 months for this process.

  • During the time the dog remains in the possession of the guardian and during the terms of this agreement - guardian shall:
    1. safely confine the dog by using a fence and restraining the dog by using a leash whenever outside of the guardian's home.
    2. Provide adequate exercise for the dog on a daily basis.
    3. Follow breeder's dietary guidelines and pay all costs and expenses associated with feeding the dog. Guardian must consult with breeder before any dietary change in diet or supplementation is implemented.
      • TLC Whole Life Stage food
      • NuVet vitamins daily
    4. Provide all vaccinations and general vet care for the dog including but not limited to: Monthly applications of both heartworm and flea preventative medications, from May through November of each year.
    5. Provide Breeder with copy of Rabies Certificates
    6. Consult with breeder at the first sign of illness or at time of injury and pay for any veterinary visits due to illness or injury while in guardian's care.
    7. Take dog to the vet appts. for any and all testing necessary to establish the dog's suitability to breed. Such testing shall be paid for by the breeder.  
    8. Deliver the dog to the breeder upon breeder's request for breeding purposes. Female dogs to be used for a maximum of 4 breedings consisting of 5 or more live puppies in each litter, males until they are turn 6 years of age.   
    9. Guardian shall instruct any and all veterinarians that they are or will be using to allow breeder access to all files, tests, and treatments that have been or that will be done  upon the personal request of the breeder.
    10. Provide appropriate obedience training and housebreaking to said dog.
    11. Guardian will pay for any physical property that is destroyed or damaged by said dog while in their care and will not hold Toodles Goldendoodles or Chad or Michelle Amsler responsible for damaged property or injuries to people by said dog.
    12. Guardian will not have dog's coat shaved down prior to sending acceptable pictures of the dog to the breeder for the website.  Usually we like to get pictures of the dog in full coat when she is around 8-9 months of age.
    13. Guardian may name the dog – but the name must be approved of by the breeder to avoid duplicate names.
    14. Guardian will not visit the dog during delivery and whelping process as to not distress the mom.

Breeder may remove the dog from the possession of guardian for non-compliance of the terms of this agreement, at which time this agreement shall terminate. Breeder agrees to consult with the guardian before permanently removing the dog from the guardian’s possession unless, in the judgment of the breeder, the dog must be immediately removed from the possession of guardian in order to protect the health, welfare and safety of the dog. If the dog does not need to be immediately removed from the guardian's possession, breeder shall give guardian a reasonable amount of time to comply with the breeder's requirements for maintaining the health, welfare or safety of the dog before permanently removing the dog. We would never remove a dog unless there is obvious neglect or abuse or the family refuses to or cannot comply with the terms of this policy.

During the term of this agreement, guardian may permanently return the dog to the breeder for any reason at which time this agreement shall terminate.

Guardian may never release dog to the care of any other person not included in this agreement. No other guardian home can be found, the dog must be returned to the breeder if guardian can no longer keep the dog for any reason. No financial compensation will be given for expenses incurred by guardian while said dog was in their care.
If said guardian must move from their current location prior to the terms of this agreement being fulfilled, and it is in another county, state, or beyond the distance of 1.5 hours from breeder - other than what is written in this agreement, guardian will release the dog back to the breeder's care until three to four  litter's have been produced (a litter is considered 5 or more live puppies) After this time the dog will be returned to the guardian and transfer of ownership will be granted.

Except as hereinafter provided, should the dog die from natural, accidental or other causes, while in the possession of breeder or guardian, this agreement shall terminate upon the happening of such occurrence and neither party shall have any further obligation to the other party.

When the terms of this contract have been fulfilled the breeder shall transfer ownership of the dog to the guardian after the Guardian has had the dog spayed or neutered. The breeder will pay up to $600 towards the spay/neuter cost.
  • Should the dog fail health testing and not be used for breeding, breeder will transfer ownership of the dog to guardian at no cost or expense to guardian. The guardian will spay/neuter the dog prior to the transfer of ownership; the cost of having the dog spayed/neutered shall be paid by the guardian.
  • Should the dog not be used for breeding, upon the sole discretion of the breeder, the guardian will have the opportunity to purchase the dog for the original selling price. The guardian will spay/neuter the dog prior to the transfer of ownership which will be paid for by the guardian.
I have read the above agreement and agree to abide by all it contains.

Guardian Full Name:
Address:                                                   Town State Zip
Driver’s License Number:
Phone Number:
Cell Phone Number:
Email address:

Guardian Signature: ___________________________________ Date:________

Breeder Signature: _____________________________________Date:________

*Just to clarify, even with all of this fine print, the main reason for a guardian home is to provide one our our quality breeding dogs with a wonderful loving forever home :)