Irish Doodles!!!

 We have provided some beautiful dark apricot and red golden doodles over the years, but golden doodles almost never hold their color.  We now have Rogan, a gorgeous mahogany red Irish setter male, that we will be using to sire our Irish doodles.  Irish setters are extremely friendly, outgoing dogs that are wonderful with children, have few health issues and shed very little.  We have a passion for red dogs and, having seen pictures of the more rare Irish doodle, decided that we want to add them to our breeding program.  We began this venture in 2013 and have had several litters starting in 2015. Some of the Irish doodles may have a bit more energy than the laid back  golden doodle and would be recommended for families ready to accommodate that (although our current setter boy is very calm for an Irish setter).  They should still be more relaxed than the purebred setter, do not shed much at all and are be wonderfully happy, social and excellent with children--plus they will be RED :)  If you are interested in being on the list for one of these puppies, please call or email for more information.
WE ARE EXPECTING SEVERAL LITTERS OF IRISH DOODLES THIS SUMMER (2018)!!! We have bred for a litter of standard F1's, a litter of standard F1b's and a litter of mini F1b's.  We will be posting more info as well as reservation lists soon but are taking deposits now!  Contact us if you would like to get on a list for this summer :)