Irish Doodles!!!

Our current litter lists are full.  We are taking deposits for Irish doodle puppies for fall and winter 2020 and for spring/summer 2021.  We are planning a mini (25-35 lb) Irish Goldendoodle (an a F1b Irish doodle bred to a F1b goldendoodle) litter, one (possibly 2) standard F1 Irish doodle litter(s), a medium F1b Irishdoodle litter and a medium F1 Irishdoodle for winter as well as litters for spring/summer of 2021 

MINIATURE IRISH DOODLE puppies born July 20th and ready for forever homes
 September 18th, 2020
Dark Apricot to red puppies with wavy to curly non~shedding coats
Possibly some white markings
25-40 lbs expected at full maturity

F1 Irish Doodle~BORN HERE :)

Health tested lines~52 lbs
Incredibly affectionate, happy,
mellow girl

UKC Miniature Poodle
Health tested~10 lbs
Very loving, a lilttle spunky and smart
1. Wandi~Female
2. Nicholas-Female
3. Kirstin~Female
4. Gahee~Male
5. Dyani~Female
6. Patrick and Sandra~Female
7. Melissa~Female
8. Mara~Male

Sansa has 9 puppies!  There are 7 females and 2 males.  
7 Females...

2 Males...

Past puppies from Rusty and a F1 Irish doodle:

We are also planning:
Medium F1b Irish doodles~35-50 lbs
Expected fall and ready early/mid-winter

AKC miniature poodle
Health tested~24 lbs
Affectionate, friendly little fellow
F1 Irish Doodle~Born here :)
Health tested~49 lbs
Sweet, gentle girl

Past puppies from these parents:

2 Litters of Standard F1 Irish doodles~50-65 lbs
Expected fall/early winter and ready early/mid winter 

AKC Irish Setter
Health tested~56 lbs
Happy, laid back lover boy
AKC standard poodle
Health tested~50 lbs
Sweet, more gentle temperament

AKC Standard Poodle
Health Tested~50 lbs
Affectionate, smart girl!


MEDIUM F1 IRISH DOODLE puppies expected this fall and ready winter 2020/2021
Red wavy low to non~shedding coats expected
35-50 lbs predicted when full grown

AKC Irish Setter
Health tested~65 lbs
Sweet, gentle affectionate nature
AKC  large miniature poodle
Health tested clear by parentage
Sweet, loving boy~23 lbs

Some past puppies from Prim and Indy:


Irish Doodle Reservation List:
1. Brittany F.~Medium or small standard (OR Goldendoodle 2021)
2. Rebecca and Gary~Medium to standard (Prefer F1)
3. Jennifer~Medium (Prefer F1)
4. Zach~Medium to standard F1
5. Bill~Medium F1 (Prim winter 2020)
6. Annie~F1 or F1b 35-55 lbs
7. Lori~Medium F1b Male
8. Sean~Medium to standard F1
9. Paul~35-60 lb (OR GOLDENDOODLE)
10. Jessie~Standard
11. Katherine~Standard
12. Suzanne~Male F1 20-40 lbs
13. Clare~25-40 lbs (Prefer F1b)
14. Daria and James~F1 or F1b medium to standard
15. Diane~20-25 lb mini (OR GOLDENDOODLE)
16. Melissa~Mini Female (Smaller side)
17. Ally~Standard F1 (Female preference)
18. Rebecca~F1 or F1b medium to standard 
 19. Lauren B~Medium to standard F1 (OR GOLDENDOODLE)
20. Stephanie~Standard F1 or F1b (Less shedding)
21. Allie~Mini to medium F1b 25-40 lbs
22. Christina~35-50 lbs F1b (OR GOLDENDOODLE)
23. Bethany~Medium F1b (Summer 2021)
24. Denise~Mini to Medium Female
25. Megan and Connor~F1 or wavy 35-45 lbs (Prefer Female OR GOLDENDOODLE)