Health Guarantee


        We ask that all puppies are brought for a follow up vet check within 2 business days of going to their new homes.  We fully guarantee the general health of the puppies for fourteen business days from their "going home" date (or one hundred eighty calendar days for proven congenital issues~per article 35-D of the General business law).  After this point, if a problem arises that is a genetic issue within the first two years, we will discuss the situation and do all that we can to help the new owners through the unlikely event. If the genetic issue were to be life threatening or altering, we would replace the puppy with a healthy puppy of equal value from a future litter. For this to happen we would need a signed statement from the new owner's vet stating that the issue is indeed both genetic and life altering, as well as documented testing or x-rays as proof of the issue. We will have our own licensed veterinarian review the information, and she must be in agreement that the health issue is indeed genetic and life altering.  We also reserve the right to have our vet examine the dog for confirmation. We promise that we do not interbreed and that we do all the research and testing necessary to provide a healthy, well tempered pet. We remind the new owner to keep the puppy well sheltered until the last of its initial shots and rabies shot are administered, as full immunity is not attained until this point--usually around 16 weeks of age. We cannot guarantee a puppy against sickness brought on by the stress of moving to a new environment. Our puppies are generally very well adjusted and are not often overly affected by the transition~but separation anxiety does naturally occur any time a puppy is separated from its initial environment and litter mates.  We also cannot guarantee against opportunistic parasites such as coccidia (dormant in nearly all live animals and often brought out by stress), giardia (also often brought out by stress) etc. While we take every precaution and are extremely proactive about parasite prevention and sanitization, we do not guarantee that the puppy will be completely free of common puppy parasites as keeping a puppy "worm free" is an ongoing process and is the sole responsibility of the new owner from the moment the puppy leaves our care.
         Though we can give an educated guess based on experience, we do not guarantee the adult color, coat type or size of your puppy.
       We strongly recommend the TLC food.  When choosing a food for your puppy please note that many of the cheaper foods are also lacking in quality and nutritional value. Food should be chosen that has meat or meat meal-not grain-as the first ingredient and it should be AAFCO approved. Grain free food should NOT be used due to severe, life threatening health issues that have been proven to arise from a grain free diet. Also, a puppy that is predicted to reach over 50 lbs should switched to the TLC WHOLE LIFE STAGE food or needs to be specifically fed a LARGE BREED puppy food once they are 3-4 months of age (4 months for a smaller, slower growing standard puppy and 3 months for a larger faster growing puppy).
         We do require that the new owner purchase an immune boosting supplement for the puppy for the 2 full years that he/she is under the guarantee.  It is called NuVet and can be ordered through a link on the bottom of our “Guarantee” page on our site. We have great confidence in it helping to keep your new puppy strong and healthy. Better immunity means better overall body health.
          This contract applies to the original owner only and cannot be transferred.
          We love our pets and what we do and only aim to provide healthy pets to satisfied, qualified new owners.
   If the puppy has not had documented regular veterinary care, the NuVet supplement vitamins, has been neglected or abused in any way, is a standard puppy and has not been fed a large breed puppy food or TLC whole life stages from 3-4 months of age, has been kenneled the majority of the time at any time or stage of development, has been bred without receiving breeding rights or prior to 18 months of age (for a female), or has been over exercised (for example, jogging with a family member on leash prior to 18 months of age) this contract is null and void.

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***Let me just note that as of 2015, we have yet to have a situation arise that has caused us to need to refer to our guarantee.  We are very careful of the health of our parents prior to using them in our breeding program.  I am sure that a circumstance will someday arise,  but, again, we are very careful to use parents from health tested, proven lines :)***

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